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Heating Maintenance In Tucson, Az

AC Service In Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Az And its surrounding Areas!

Before the cold winds blow and the temperatures drop, you do everything you can to prepare your home for winter. From raking leaves in the yard to installing weather stripping and putting away the summer toys and tools, you’re busy during the fall months. One of the most important fall tasks is making sure that your furnace is ready and able to keep your home warm. Make your winter prep a little easier with professional heating maintenance in Tucson, Vail, and the surrounding areas in Az.

What Is Heating Maintenance?

In simple terms, furnace maintenance is a check-up for your home’s heating system. A heating maintenance visit makes a huge difference on how well your system operates. A typical furnace maintenance visit for an electric furnace will entail:

  • Checking the vent system and air intake grilles.

  • Inspecting the heat exchanger.

  • Testing the blower motor.

  • Inspecting electrical connections and wiring.

  • Examining and replacing belts as needed.

  • Lubricating the moving parts.

  • Changing the air filter.

  • Testing and calibrating the thermostat.

For gas furnaces, additional steps are taken which include:

  • Inspecting the fuel lines and connections.

  • Testing the gas pressure 

  • Checking the operation of the burner and pilot.

  • Checking the thermocouple for damage or wear.

On-The-Spot Repairs

Furnace maintenance isn’t just about checking the system for problems, it’s also about making the necessary repairs. If our technicians find any problems, worn parts, or bad connections, in most cases they’ll be fixed during the maintenance visit upon your approval. Our trucks are fully stocked with the most common parts and the tools needed to get the job done. If we don’t have the part on the truck, we’ll get it right away so you don’t have to wait. 

Is Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

Absolutely. Furnaces are complex machines and if something goes wrong with one component, it can cause damage to the rest of the furnace. Regular maintenance helps keep your furnace operating properly and reduces the number of repairs it will need. Keeping your furnace maintained helps make it run more efficiently, which means it will use less energy while still providing the warmth you need. A well-maintained furnace will also last longer than one that’s been neglected. 

How Long Does Heating Maintenance Take?

You have a busy life with a lot going on and you don’t have much time to spare. We understand that, and we do everything we can to make our heating maintenance visits as quick as possible. A typical heating maintenance visit takes less than an hour to complete. Despite the fact that it doesn’t take long, our technicians are very thorough, making sure to check every aspect of your furnace to make sure it’s ready for the winter ahead.

How Often Do I Need Furnace Maintenance?

We recommend that you have your home’s heater professionally maintained at least once a year. The best time to do so is during the fall months, before you need to put your furnace into full-time use. That isn’t a hard rule, however, and if you miss that period of time, don’t worry. We can perform heating maintenance anytime of the year. What really matters isn’t when you have it done, it’s just important to do it.

Schedule Heater Maintenance in Tucson, Vail, and the surrounding areas in AZ!

Prepare for winter now by scheduling an annual furnace maintenance visit with the pros at City Heating And Cooling  today. Contact us anytime to ask a question or set an appointment up. We’ll make sure that your gas or electric furnace operates safely and efficiently so you and your family can enjoy a warm, cozy home. You won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or repairs in the depth of winter. Have questions about heater maintenance? Feel free to give us a call at (520) 339-7228.

Heating Maintenance - Servicing The Tucson Vail and Surrounding Areas in Az! 

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What Our Clients Say

I was given City Heating and Cooling LLC as my service contractor through my home warranty after our AC stopped working and all I can say is they were fantastic. Within 48 hours Chris (our technician) had come out, inspected our AC and thermostat, had parts found and acquired by Tonya, and had the entire system repaired. Chris was very efficient, knowledgeable, and respectful of our time and home. Tonya, whom I talked to throughout the process, offered the best customer service for anything, ever. She kept me up to date on our work order, gave me accurate times, found the parts so we would get them faster, and worked with me concerning my service payment. I would recommend them for any and all your needs concerning your AC and heating. Chris is an awesome technician and Tonya is clearly a magician with everything she was able to do. Thank you so much for everything, amazing service.

It has been 3 months since we used City Heating and Cooling LLC for our AC. As of this week I am using them through my home warranty for my heat (which is setting off my Co2 detectors so it is off). Chris got out here same day to take apart our furnace to check for safety issues and found the problem quickly. Tonya being a magician has already found what we needed exactly and taken it to the home warranty by contacting them over the phone on our behalf to speed things along. I'm thinking pretty soon we will have heat. I know today what I knew 3 months ago, I will never go anywhere else for my heating, cooling, AC, and HVAC then City Heating and Cooling LLC.

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