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Air Conditioning


At CiTy Heating And Cooling we know the importance of Filter Maintenance and Replacement.  Poor air quality has a BIG impacton the health of you and your home. Letting it get worse can lead to some serious complications.

Some clients ask, Is Indoor Air Pollution really a thing?  

Air circulation isn’t what it used to be!  Modern homes are built tighter to improve energy efficiency, which is great.  Unfortunately, natural air doesn’t flow in, so the air in our home stays what we humans refer to as funky.  So, such as most of us do we think mabey I’ll just crack open up a window or two from time to time.  It’s Arizona That’s a Huge Maybe we understand,  But it happens!

At CiTy Heating And Cooling it is out number one goal to always keep out clients happy, healthy and comfortable.  That’s why we designed our Filter Maintenance and Replacement program with exactly that In mind.


Call Today and speak with a member of our staff to see all the great benefits this service has to offer! 

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